Fund-raising Attempt for New Lizzie Borden “Provoked” Indy Film

11 Feb

Here’s another Kickstarter fund-raiser associated with Lizzie Borden.  This time it’s a paranormal film with a little twist.   It’s titled  PROVOKED.   Clearly, $3,500 is a paltry amount to raise for any Independent film, but I take note at the almost throw-away line of “mostly for craft services”.

Personally, I think they should go in a different direction:  a comedy.   Barring that, they should seriously consider hiring Tim Weisberg,  Matt Moniz, and Matt Costa of Spooky Southcoast.   These gentlemen are long-standing, credible paranormal investigators whose consulting services would lend a certain cache to the production that is seemingly lacking.


I’m reminded of another Kickstarter fund-raiser – you’ll recall here where a $5,000 donation got you “dinner with the editor”.    <nyack, nyack>


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One response to “Fund-raising Attempt for New Lizzie Borden “Provoked” Indy Film

  1. David Langill

    March 7, 2013 at 7:43 PM

    “We are currently looking for additional funds for production and post-production. The goal has been set at a modest $3500.00 due to the fact that if we don’t reach our goal, we don’t get a cent. All money raised will be used for this film. The budget will go towards additional locations, wardrobe, set design, props,equipment rental, cast and crew salaries, and one of the most important things, craft services.”

    Read the project for yourselves…
    An added cost should go to researching the internet for false quotes…


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