Lizzie Borden’s Favorite Dish: Tripe

06 Apr



It has been written in a number of books that Lizzie Borden’s “favorite” dish was tripe.  Tripe is nothing more than cow stomach.  It has the texture of calimari, i.e. octopus.   If you’ve ever had “menudo”, a Mexican dish very common in the Southwestern part of the United States, you’ve had tripe.

Here are more images of various tripe dishes.

Here is a listing of  vintage tripe recipes over the past 150 years.  I think Lizzie may have liked the broiled tripe, first becoming popular in 1896 or the pepper pot tripe from 1915.  I doubt, however, she dined on it accompanied with a little Chianti.

I always thought an occasional nice, big pot of tripe stew for overnight guests at the Lizzie Borden Bed &  Breakfast Museum would be a delightful surprise.


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