Alone Painting Part 3

16 Jul

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If you missed Part IV, you’ll find it HERE.

And yet another “Alone” painting surfaces – the same girl-in-the-boat-at sunset scene that Lizzie Borden gave to a handy man.   Thanks to a comment submitted to this blog we have the name of another artist, Heinrich Vosberg, who painted an original of this scene.      The commenter had this to say:

Bo Says:
July 26, 2009 at 2:38 pm e

“I have a copy as well. It was found in the attic of my girlfriend’s great grandmother. She had it framed. It looks to be oil paint and the canvas has large blank edges with writing on it. It is signed H. Vosberg 1887 on the bottom left. Send me your email and I will send you a pic.”



I “Googled” Vosberg and discovered a load of sites about him, including this “Best Answers” forum that poses the question of value of this painting by Vosberg – I have to assume it’s the same person who wrote me.   Otherwise, logic presumes two people have two original originals.  The entire exchange is quite interesting, but here are some extracts:

Hi! Heinrich Vosberg was born in Germany in 1833, and lived until 1891. One of his paintings, Lake with sunset, Herrenhausen (1876), is even in the Royal Collection of artwork of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth  II.… His work is also highly regarded in the International community, so I would urge you not to be in a hurry to sell this painting, but to throughly research all of the information I have given you above, without making any commitments to anyone regarding a possible sale, until you have the big picture of information regarding the painting you own.”

So we learn this painting was actually entitled  “ALONE AND FORSAKEN” – at least by artist Vosberg.  Get this:  A small print can be had for $1.50.  That’s right.  Click HERE and scroll down until you come to image “SIG425”.

It remains a mystery who actually painted the original-original of this girl-in-a-boat-at-sunset scene but what we do know is that it was so popular that countless prints were made and apparently easy to come by.  Actual oil on canvas original paintings that have surfaced here so far were painted by:

1.  Herman Alfred Leonard Wahlberg (1834-1906) – and was given by Lizzie to a handyman.   (Provenance describes it as a “picture” so it may not have been an original painting but a print of Wahlberg’s original).

2.  Father Arnold Janssen, or Janseen (1837-1909) who was canonized and previously featured in this blog  HERE.

3.  Heinrich Vosberg (1833-1891) – his paintings are still sold through various art auction houses.  He named this one “Alone and Forsaken”.

Slide cursor over image when it comes into full view.  (There’s music).

One of those untold number of prints sold for less than $30 on eBay just recently.  The cherrywood frame, circa early 1900’s,  and the newsprint behind the frame were worth more than the print.

I’ve become less interested about the fact Lizzie gave this painting to a handyman than I am about the genesis of its original creation.  Perhaps more readers out there will come forward with *their* original “Alone” painting.


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2 responses to “Alone Painting Part 3

  1. Julie

    January 22, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    I also have an oil painting with no signature and a print I picked up years earlier…this is very strange that so many look like the original.

    • Julie

      January 22, 2014 at 9:17 AM

      My print is entitled “Alone”


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