Lizzie Borden & Fall River Collectibles for Sale

13 Aug

(Reposted from February 2011)

Here are some Fall River history and Lizzie Borden collectibles in various groupings.  Serious Bordenia collectors will recognize all, if not most all, of the items shown.

I have been collecting for nearly 45 years, and now wish to rid myself of what I have in duplicate or have used for research and no longer need.  I’ve already sent boxes of collectibles and rare items to the Fall River Historical Society over the past few years.

I’m too lazy to give full detail information on these items, but you can Google the titles.  I guarantee you won’t find these assortments at these prices.  🙂  Note:  To order, email me at: stating which numbered grouping(s) you want and I will give you mailing address..  All prices include media mail shipment.  If you want priority, price will be higher.  Personal checks or money orders only.

#1:  $45.00

(1a) Below the Hill is a 1963 movie filmed entirely in Fall River, telling the story of  an unemployed mill worker, a sexually frustrated wife, and their neighbors.  Those who live in or have been to Fall River will recognize many of the sites.  Includes program  from a special showing through the Fall River Historical Society.  (1b)  History of the First Congregational Church of Fall River, MA, edited by Kenneth H. Champlin and published by Dr. Ira H. Rex.  The book is autographed by both. 2003. (1c) Scrabbletown by Alice Brayton, gives a history of early Swansea focusing on the Brayton family. (1d) September 1938 Hurricane Pictures of Greater Fall River, published by the Fall River Herald News.

#2:   $36.00

(2a)  Central Congregational Church, Fall River, MA. published 1905 and the church to which Lizzie Borden belonged..  One of the writer/compilers of this 331 page book was Mrs.. Charles J. Holmes, a strong supporter of Lizzie during “the ordeal” of 1892-93.  (2b)  New England Sampler by Eleanor Early, 1940.  Contains true murder and mystery stories of New England, including the Borden case.   (2c) Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective by Richard Behrens, 2010.  Well written fictional stories of Lizzie being a young sleuth in Fall River.  Autographed.  (2d)  Lizbeth of Maplecroft, a play in two acts by Nick Pelino, Jr.  This award winning play is quite imaginative and one of the better plays, IMHO, on the Borden case.  1996.  (2e)  Blood Relations and other plays by Sharon Pollock.  This play received Literary Award for Drama in 1981 and is the play most produced.

#3:  $38.00

Rare Fall River City Directories.  From left to right:  1861, 1926, 1927, 1932, and 1864.  Also includes The Fifty Most Amazing Crimes of the Last 100 Years, published 1936.  Spines are loose on 2 of these books and completely separated on the 1861 directory.

#4:  $43.00

(4a, b, c)  Spinner, People and Culture in Southeastern, Ma.  Volumes, I, II and V.  (4d)  Constant TurmoilThe Politics of Industrial Life in Nineteenth Century New England by Mary H. Blewett, 2000.  A most excellent research tool, this book has an extensive section on the Bordens and the Borden case.

(5)  $32.00

(5a)  American Heritage, February/March 1978, includes 14 page article on the Borden case by Kathryn Allamong Jacob, with several photos, some half page in size.  (5b, c, d, e, f) Five graphic novel books by premiere graphic artist Rick Geary:  Jack the Ripper, The Mystery of Mary Rogers, The Bloody Benders, and Famous Players-Mysterious Death of William Desmond Taylor. 5g) The World’s Greatest Unsolved Crimes, compendium book.

#6:  $27.00

(6a)  The Justice Story – Murder, Mystery, Mayhem, edited by Joseph McNamara. includes chapter on Lizzie Borden. (6b) Solved and Unsolved Classic True Murder Cases, edited by Richard Glyn Jones, 1987.  (6c) The Logic of Women on Trial-Case Studies of Popular American Trials, by Janice Schuetz, 1994.  (6d) The Cases that Haunt Us, by John Douglas, 2000.

7:  $73.00

(7a)  The Fine Art of Murder by Walter B. Gibson, contains chapter, The End of the Borden Case by Edmund Pearson. 236 pp, 1963.  (7b)  The Legend 100 Years After the Crime-A Conference on the Lizzie Borden Case – Proceedings, edited by Jules R. Ryckebusch, 1993.  This book contains most all of the presentations given at the Conference held in Fall River, MA, August 3-5, 1992, including yours truly. (7c) New England Remembers Lizzie Borden by Karen Elizabeth Cheney, 80 pgs, 2003.  (7d) What We Had, James Chace, 187 pgs, 1990.  Author is descendent of one of the founding families of Fall River.

8: $62.00

(8a)  Working Class Community in Industrial America-Work, Leisure, and Struggle in Two Industrial Cities, 1880-1930, John T. Cumbler.  275 pgs, 1976.  Excellent work gives the reader a real sense of the working class and conditions in Lynn and Fall River, MA.  The bottom right of cover was due to my dog.  Sorry.  (8b)  Gentleman of the Press-The Life and Times of an Early Reporter, Julian Ralph of the Sun, Paul Lancaster, 290 pgs, 1992.  Julian Ralph was a popular reporter at the Borden Trial, favoring her.  He had a remarkable career.   (8c)  Priscilla of Fall River, Roger Williams McAdam. 215 pgs, 1947.  The Priscilla was one of the beautiful steamships that wen from Fall River to New York City. A lovely book, photos. (8d)  Probably the best book on the death of Sarah Cornell is David Richard Kasserman’s Fall River Outrage-Life, Murder, and Justice in Early Industrial New England.  Digs deep into the circumstances and evidence leading to the trial of the Reverend Avery.  260 pgs, 1986.  (8e)  The Lowell Offering, Benita Eisler, 218 pgs, 1977.  Wonderful little book giving great insight into the women who worked the mills in Lowell, Mass., illustrated.  (8f)  The Cotton Industry, Chris Aspin, 32 pgs.  This little booklet gives a general overview of the cotton industry – its rise and fall – as related to New England mills.

#9: $45.00  (four images)

Massachusetts of Today-A Memorial of the State, 1892.  This is an historical and biographical book prepared especially for the World’s Columbian Exposition at Chicago, i.e. the 1983 World’s Fair.  This book was sold at the Massachusetts Building at the Fair.  It features prominent men from Fall River, some shown in these images (Mayor John Couglin & banker Charles Holmes).  The front cover is completely separated from the spine and that’s why this highly coveted collectible is priced so low.

10:  $18.00

The Preliminary Hearing in the Lizzie Borden Case.  Typed/created by yours truly.  Comes in a 3-ring binder.  You can also read this on my blog.

11:  $33.00

(11a) True Detective Cases from Police Files, June 1964.  Contains 5 page article on Borden case, illustrated.   (11b) Fall 1972 Liberty Magazine with the “Puritan Girl” article by Sidney Sutherland, illustrated.  (11c)  DVD – The History Channel’s The Strange Case of Lizzie Borden, new, still in wraps.  (11d) DVD – New Faces of 1954 features Ronny Graham, Mel Brooks, Eartha Kit, Paul Lynde, etc.  98 mins. (11d) CD – Morton Gould’s Fall River Legend by the National Philharmonic Orchestra.   New, still in wraps.



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  1. edith leighton

    July 25, 2012 at 12:01 PM

    Hi I am related to Lizzie she is a great aunt of mine Anne have a diary belonginng to Mary with numerious family entries and a poembook


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