Lizzie Borden: Debunking the Myths – Part 1 – The Borden Jury

13 Oct

I’ll try to do this everyday.   Simple, little stuff.  Sometimes longer, bigger stuff.  Sometimes in-depth, impactful stuff.

So let us begin……….


“The jurors in the Lizzie Borden Trial were mostly farmers.”

No, they were not,.  Out of the 12 jurors, only four (4) were actually farmers:

George Potter, 55, from Westport;  William F. Dean, 50, from Taunton; Wiliam Westcot, 45, Seekonk; and John Wilbur, 58, Somerset.

The other 9 were:  Charles L. Richards (foreman), 55, North Attleboro – real estate business; Frederic C. Wilbar, 38, Raynham – journeyman carpenter; Lemuel K. Wilber, 45, Easton – owner of large garden shop; Frank G. Cole, 40, Attleboro – jeweler; John C. Finn, 35, Taunton – painter & member of City Council; Allen H. Wardell, 45, Dartmouth – farm tools salesman; Louis B. Hodges, 59, Taunton – iron moulder; and Augustus Swift 50, New Bedford – President of the Acushnet Iron Company.

Numerous books, articles, documentaries, and lecturers have stated the jury was made up of mostly farmers.  MYTH,


Source:  Fall River Daily Herald, June 6, 1893, page 7.



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