Downward Trajectory

14 Feb

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From library children story-teller to community college teacher to elementary school librarian,.

Sometimes you have to weigh the positives against the negatives.  Working for the private sector and traveling 2 hours a day just to get to work and back, hunkered over a PC in a cubicle, surrounded by flat bellied 20-something blondes.  No upward mobility because the competition is so fierce, especially when the degrees you hold are not relevant for the bigger paying, more prestigious jobs..  Age is also a deterrent in the private sector, contrary to federal laws.

OR, OR, you rush back to the familiar comfort of the public sector.  Much shorter drive, lots of days off, get to work more or less on your own….no one to supervise but no one watching over your shoulder (or cubicle).  However,  significantly – very significantly – lower salary.  But upward trajectory could lead to a full service librarian in a middle or high school or even college.  Hoping the opportunity will present itself soon as there’s not too many years before turning 60.  Biggest drawback:  Impact on Social Security retirement earnings.   Biggest plus:  In charge of which books to recommend and operating the little library.  A sense of control.  No more cubicle.  No more drive.  Lots of days off.

It was no surprise to me that a person I know could not hack the private sector never having been exposed to that environment before.  We are, after all, creatures that gravitate to what we know.

School Media Specialist, long-term substitute

Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District

January 2014 – Present (2 months)Dighton Elementary School, Dighton, MassachusettsDUTIES:
* Operates and supervises the school library.
* Assists teachers in the selection of books and other instructional materials, and make library materials available to supplement the instructional program.
* Informs teachers and other staff members concerning new materials the library acquires.
* Maintains a comprehensive and efficient system for cataloging all library materials, and instructs teachers and students on use of the system.
* Works with teachers in planning those assignments likely to lead to extended use of library resources.
* Promotes appropriate conduct of students using library facilities.
* Helps students to develop habits of independent reference work and to develop skill in the use of reference materials in relation to planned assignments.
* Presents and discusses materials with a class studying a particular topic, on the invitation of the teacher.
* Participates in curriculum meetings.
* Arranges frequently changing book-related displays and exhibits likely to interest the library’s patrons.

Although It’s a downward trajectory coming so late in a work life, there is always hope.  Stay positive.

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