Interactive Aerials of Where Lizzie Borden Lived 1st & 2nd Halves of Her Life

15 Feb
Here’s some fun stuff to play around with via Bing Aerial Maps.  Be sure to note other Fall River locations to the left.
This is 230 Second Street, Fall River, Ma.; otherwise known as 92 Second Street, otherwise known as The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum. This aerial image was taken in around 2001-2002,  My Fall River Lizzie friends and Lizzie Borden case experts will be able to name everything shown here in a two block radius – and maybe more. Lizzie lived here from the time she was 12 in 1872 until after her Acquittal in July, 1893.

Built by Southard Miller in 1845, the house has remained in the same location and virtually unchanged for nearly 170 years.  Since this aerial was taken, however, the house has changed ownership, been painted green, the L-shape Leary Press has been demolished, the bus terminal directly across the street has been relocated and an architectural monstrosity known as the Superior Court towers in its place,  Subtle symmetry?  Perhaps.

Shown here is the French Street home, (otherwise known as “Maplecroft”)  that Lizzie and her sister moved into several weeks after her acquittal in 1893. This aerial was taken around 2001-2002. The house in the bottom of the frame, partially cut off, was also owned by Lizzie and is now owned by Michael Brimbau (author of Girl With the Pansy Pin). Stefani Koorey, Mr. Brimbau’s girlfriend, moved in to this house in 2006, Interestingly, neither one have ever been inside “Maplecroft”, which has been owned by Robert Dube’ since 1980.
Lizzie lived here the entire second half of her life until she died in 1927.

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2 responses to “Interactive Aerials of Where Lizzie Borden Lived 1st & 2nd Halves of Her Life

  1. Valerie

    February 26, 2014 at 9:03 AM

    I am interested in a diagram of the third floor layout. Why can’t I find one on Google? I’m trying to ascertain all the killer’s options after killing Abby. Does that front stairway go up to the third floor as well as down to the first? Has anybody seen a schematic of the third floor? Of course, someone who has toured or stayed there also knows how it’s laid out.

    • phayemuss

      February 27, 2014 at 1:31 PM

      Hi Valerie….only 1st, 2nd floors and basement can be found online. Only 1st & 2nd floor diagrams were introduced in the legal proceedings, i.e.., Prelim and Trial. I have some excellent ones if you email me ( There are tons of photos of the 3rd floor, attic space….online and I hafve many photos I’d be3 glad to mail to you. There are 3 bedrooms on the 3rd floor now at the B&B, but in 1892 they were just storage rooms, not inhabited. Only the back stairway goes up to the 3rd floor. Hope this helps.


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