Lizzie Borden’s Inquest Testimony by Eric Stedman

24 Jul

LB-OLDCOURTHOUSEThe Second District Court house (and jail) in 1892 Fall River where Lizzie’s Inquest was held.



There have been many renditions of Miss Borden's Inquest Testimony, mostly taken from already digitized copies previously posted on the Internet. But long time friend and Borden scholar, Eric Stedman, was one of the first to type it in WORD from source documents. He, along with myself and now deceased Harry Widdoes, were among the very first to do so. (I've also transcribed into WORD the entire Trial and Preliminary Hearing, which Mr. Widdoes later also endeavored).
What I like about Mr. Stedman's version is his red print annotations embedded in the document itself.  This is a good introductory version for people just getting serious about learning of the infamous unsolved murders and need a little explanation along the way.
Click HERE and enjoy!
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