Evolution of an Influence: “This is our real mother.”

18 Dec

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

Andrew Jackson Borden, from all we can surmise, loved his wife, Sarah Anthony Morse Borden.   Sarah was a pretty little thing when they married on Christmas Day, 1845.  He was 23 and she was 22.    Probably a true love match.  But it would be five years before they had any children.

Emma Lenora Borden, born March 1, 1851 was older sister to Lizzie Borden.  Unlike Lizzie, Emma knew her mother.  Knew her and loved her.

Just before Emma’s 6th birthday, a second daughter was born, Alice Ester.  Emma must have loved holding and helping to care for this little sister.  She would be taught how to nurture and protect her younger sibling by her own loving mother.  It was the “formative years” for Emma when so many character traits are instilled.  It was a sweet time, but a short time because baby Alice was to die just two…

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