Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny in Talks for Lizzie Borden Feature Film

29 Oct


It’s been 40 years since those of us old enough to remember the first broadcast of Paramount’s Made-for- TV movie, The Legend of Lizzie Borden starring Elizabeth Montgomery.  Ever since, we’ve been waiting for another feature length, theatrical release.   Recently, there was a fluttering of hopeful excitement concerning the prospect of an Indie film, Defending Lizzie, based on Karen Poulsen’s play – but that project is now on hold pending funding.

As of yesterday we have learned that there are “talks” and “negotiations” of a possible feature length film.  Let the speculative salivating begin.   You can read about it  HERE.   

But you can track the rapid fire news releases HERE, being sure to click “News” on the menu bar for all the latest reportings.

It is already getting funny. The script hasn’t even been written but the speculations are running amuck. This bit has Lizzie and Bridget being lovers- a plot line surely to draw the male audience demographic of 13 to 90. (snort, chuckle, snort).  I can see the promos now.



Like amoeba, the trending multiples begin and, like the whisper game, each reporting has a new smattering of embellishments, twists, misinformation and well….it’s a phriggin’ circus is what it is.

I say it’s best to keep your drool inside your mouth until the project has at least been green-lighted or contracts written.  It is one thing to be in negotiations or talks about a project and quite another for that project to be in pre-production.  I’ll keep a dry mouth until the latter commences.

Meanwhile, let’s ponder Chloe playing a modern day Lizzie…...


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