Random Shots of Fall River

19 Mar

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

Here’s some shots I just picked at random from my different digital albums of Lizzie Borden’s home town – Fall River. Also some of nearby locales. Enjoy.

maryhartley1Mary Borden Hartley rests near her father, Cook Borden – the mother and grandfather of Grace Hartley Howe.

p8280037The beautiful church seats at The Narrows, 45 Anawan Street.

p8280038Staircase at The Narrows – imagine the millions of steps up and down by the factory workers, holding the railing, descending after a 14 hour day.

p4230038_0003_003Central Congregational Church

446656-r1-016-6a_008Academy Building Courtyard fronting on Second Street


p4240110_0027_027Sitting Room closet shows bounded Trial transcript. and my “Journey to Maplecroft” game on second shelf.

p4250016_0028_028Rear view of the “Kelley house”, directly south of 92 Second.

446656-r1-010-3a_005The “Henry House”

pa200074Kennedy Park

p9100014Main Library, post renovation.

court-me-sept04Sitting at the bench, New Bedford Superior Court

p8070030Oldest house in Fall River

p1010006One of the few remaining “grand” carriage houses

p1010012Lafayette-Durfee House

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