Lizzie Letters

21 Aug

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

(Recycled from June 17, 2009)

Added Note:  Lizzie Borden always conducted herself in public with the proper deportment required of that society.  Particularly post-Trial she is consistently described as “refined”, “well read”, “a good conversationalist”,  and other such characterizations.  This is often reflected in her notes and letters that have surfaced so far.  I expect we’ll find more examples in the Fall River Historical Society’s Parallel Lives, whenever it is finally completed.   Lizzie had a keen awareness of  what a Fall River Borden with her lineage meant in terms of social cache and influence and conducted herself accordingly.

Reading letters written in Lizzie Borden’s own hand is always a fun and interesting exercise.   We’ve found them in books, newspapers, estates, libraries, and private collections.  They keep popping up.  There are plenty more out there.   Lizzie was consistent in doing what was proper to the customs and practices of the…

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