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Lizzie Borden’s Maplecroft – Appeal to the State

                                 Photo credit:  Dave Souza, Fall River Herald News

The owner of “Maplecroft” in Fall River is not afraid of litigation nor pursuing first steps leading to such when it comes to opening and operating Lizzie Borden’s home.

The city’s long time motto is “We’ll Try” however, they rarely succeed when it comes to successful, sustainable development. Now the city is considering changing the motto to “Build it Here”.  (Somebody bring me a chair because I can’t remain upright laughing this hard.)

Aside from having a crook for a mayor, I think many of those in City Hall with discretionary powers are actually alien beings – you know, “the Grays”.  They look like us but….

Anyway, I digress.  Donald Woods has reached into his deep pockets repeatedly to be in compliance with the City that “tries”  (to make things really difficult) when it comes to obtaining the necessary permits to open and operate 306 French Street.  But with every accommodation the City comes back with something else.  Soon the State of Massachusetts will have to make the decision.  Read the latest HERE

My money’s on Mr. Woods.  I know him.  He’s a friend of mine.  And he is a man of his word.  He said he was going to open Maplecroft to the public and he will.

Note:  You can view 40 different images of the interior of the restored home by clicking HERE.



Maplecroft Meeting ADA Requirements

Maplecroft Update:

Handicap ramp being installed today and a chair lift for main staircase later. These are necessary to meet ADA requirements for permit issuance to operate as a B&B.

The Second Street location did not have to comply back in 1996. New time, new council.

Some may think a chair lift in the foyer may take away from the Edwardian era ambience.  Some may be right.  But hey, do you want to see it open to the public or not?

Bless Donald and Ryan Woods for doing what it takes.

It was my pleasure recently to review and edit the tour script.  Thank you, Ryan.  🙂


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Come On In And Spend The Night at Maplecroft



And so it begins….

Check out this video HERE.


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Maplecroft Update: Updated Details & Code Requirements


Here’s an awesome article in the Fall River Herald  News with lots of new photos.

Also take note of the short video showing Manager, Ryan Woods.    Click HERE

and HERE

You won’t find short cuts on expenditures here –  but that is the way of owner Donald Woods.  He has spared no expense in his updates and maintenance  to the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum either.  And THAT prime Fall River tourist attraction has been exceptionally well managed for the past 14 years by Lee-ann Wilber.

The two Maple trees removed mentioned in the article create more enhanced spring and summer site lines for the easterly neighbors who remain vigilantly perched to criticize and spread misinformation.

Some photos have been shown before but click through them anyway.  A feast to the eyes..


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Maplecroft Opening Delayed


It’s been a harsh winter for Fall River.   Severe snow storms have prevented new owner, Donald Woods (also owns the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast) from proceeding with electrical and plumbing repairs and upgrades for an early April opening.

Read HERE.

Be sure to click thru the many interior photos by Dave Souza of the Fall River Herald News and previous articles written by that intrepid “all things Lizzie,” reporter, Deborah Allard – all of which will bring you up to date.








Update on “Maplecroft” Opening Prep with Ryan Woods

Here’s another update on status of opening Lizzie’s home to the public.

Click HERE.

In the Comments section at the end of the article, I make a few suggestions.


Fall River Herald Photo


Lizzie Borden’s Maplecroft to Open to Public by April

Pictured is Ryan Woods.  Photo credit Jack Foley, Herald News


The Fall River Herald News ran this story today.

Just think of it – visitors will be able to tour both homes where Lizzie lived all but 12 years of her life.  She was born on Ferry Street in Fall River in 1860, but in 1872 Andrew purchased the home at 92 Second Street.  Indeed, from age 12 to 32 she continued to live under the auspices of her father, Andrew J. Borden.  Then, shortly after her 1893 Acquittal, she lived the remaining 33 years of her life at “Maplecroft” in The Highlands.  The contrast is astonishing.

She loved her home on French Street and coveted it as if  it were her child, nurturing it with nothing but the best.   (Paranormal enthusiasts take note:  If the spirits of Andrew and Abby Borden reside at 92 Second Street,  the spirit of Lizzie Borden resides at Maplecroft.)

I look forward to the inevitable videos, documentaries, travelogs, social media input, (and perhaps even a film on the second half of her life) etc.,  that will be forthcoming on the interior of Maplecroft for the multitudes interested in Lizzie.

Not only past and repeat visitors to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast will be flooding back to Fall River for a brand new experience related to their most compelling icon, but completely NEW visitors to Fall River will come for a look-see.  These new visitors, who may just want to stay at a Victorian B&B on their way to Newport may take a look around at development opportunities and……well, who knows.

Again, I say HUZZAH to the new owners.  And again, it was the only purchase that made sense.



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