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Lizzie Borden Collectibles: eBay & CafePress

Lizzie Borden Collectibles









Have you ever tried CafePress?  I’ve had an account there for years.  Check out my stuff and feel free to order something unique for a friend!   Click HERE.




Are you looking for a reasonably priced “Lizzie Borden Past & Present” by Leonard Rebello?   Well, here it is on eBay.  Click HERE.


BK-Study in Conjecture2

I’ve written about “Lizzie Borden – A Study in Conjecture” by Marie Belloc Lowndes and the much coveted dust jacket.  Well, I’m offering the book on eBay at an incredibly low price (usually sells in the hundreds).  So here’s your chance.  Click HERE.

Now, what is really, really, cool is that if you buy the book from eBay from seeing this blog, let me know and you will receive THIS FREE BONUS CD:



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Another “This belonged to Lizzie Borden” eBay Offering

“Antique Upholstered Lincoln rocking chair – chair From Lizzie Borden estate!”
More outrageous claims on eBay regarding stuff that belonged to Lizzie Borden. This “Abbie” Potter WAS a niece of Abby Borden, but Lizzie didn’t leave her ANYTHING in her Will, let alone this chair.
Here is the full item description on eBay:
“Available for you is this antique Lincoln rocking chair with an interesting history.I inherited this rocking chair from my mother several years ago. My mother inherited the rocker from Mrs. Abbie B. Potter from Providence in the 1960s. Abbie Potter was Lizzie Borden’s niece. After Ms. Borden’s death her house hold furnishings were disbursed to her family. Abbie inherited the chair herself Lizzie Borden estate. My mother came to know Abbie during World War II where she rented a room from her while my father was in the service. They became lifelong friends. When I was a child I went to Abbie’s house with my mother and I happened to see pictures that Abbie was showing my mother discreetly. I saw pictures of a skull with large holes in it. They scooted me away but I always remembered that afternoon.I cannot prove with documentation that this chair was actually from Lizzie Borden’s home but the preponderance of evidence has convinced me. I always thought of contacting the History Detective TV show but never had the time. In any event there is a terrific story about the chair, it is not haunted! The chair itself needs to be reupholstered and restored to bring it back to its prime shape it is now somewhat fragile. Usable and will display nicely. Available now Halloween is coming.”

From my blog under the category of Urban Legends, is this post about Abby Whitehead Potter with a newspaper photo of her.

This is the woman that the eBay seller asserts inherited that rocking chair from Lizzie Borden. Not likely.

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eBay Auction on Orrin Gardner Photo

A little over a week ago I spotted this assortment of cabinet card photos on eBay and recognized Orrin Gardner, Lizzie & Emma’s cousin from Swansea who was a primary legatee in Emma Borden’s Will.  The Seller said she got it at a flea market many years ago where there were dozens in a box and she picked these out at random.

I didn’t bid because I already have it and had included it in a previous blog. It is, in fact, Orrin’s high school graduation picture.  Original issues are in a Gardner family album archived at the Swansea Historical Society in Swansea, MA.

Perhaps a cabinet photo of Lizzie, many years post Trial, is now residing in a box or tray on some dusty shelf at an antique store still unrecognized by the many eyes who finger through it.   Oh well, we’ll have plenty to salivate over when the Fall River Historical Society’s Parallel Lives is published.

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Lizzie Art

Here’s some really cool original Lizzie Borden-themed artwork done for items sold on eBay. The first 4 are by Tammy Shelton and the other three are by Joyce Kenney. Good stuff!

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