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Fall River Flooded – Some Evacuating

If the ghost of Lizzie Borden’s father lingers at 92 Second Street, I hope he’s on the third floor.

As if Fall River didn’t have enough troubles – mother nature is running wild wielding its own weather hatchet with relentless, heavy rainfall literally slicing through city streets, damaging sewers, blocking roads, flooding basements, causing businesses and schools to shut down, toilets and showers to backup and explode with sewage, overflowing rivers and ponds, and forcing many residents to evacuate.  And the forecast is for even more record setting rain yet to come.

You can read the story HERE.

I was surprised to see how extensive the street damage is:

Herald News photo – Dave Souza

Herald News photo by Dave Souza

Videos of the flooding can be seen HERE.

The Mayor has already declared Fall River a disaster area, and Governor Deval Patrick of Mass. has declared a state of emergency and President Obama has declared 7 counties in Massachusetts a disaster area so perhaps some relief will be forthcoming.  But for Fall River officials, keenly aware of its strapped resources to perform even routine – let alone necessary – pot hole repairs this past winter, observing mother nature’s rough water pre-spring wash and the damage in its wake, must be a real heartbreak.

Operation Blue Thunder (police hitting hard on the criminal element of the city) has already shown some success but now comes an element beyond anyone’s control.  Sometimes it seems Fall River just can’t win for the tryin’.

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