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“What Is That Thing?” A Lizzie Borden Querry

Who knows what this is?

It is still inside the closet in “Bridget Sullivan’s bedroom” at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum.

Tim Weisberg‘s  Spooky Southcoast podcast episode entitled: “The Real Lizzie Borden” was broadcast shortly after the publishing of  Parallel Lives.  The featured guests on that episode were Michael Martins and Dennis Binette (curator and assistant curator of the Fall River Historical Society).  They help identify just what this is.

Advance to 46.10 to the relevant call in.

Here’s the link.



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Fund-raising Attempt for New Lizzie Borden “Provoked” Indy Film

Here’s another Kickstarter fund-raiser associated with Lizzie Borden.  This time it’s a paranormal film with a little twist.   It’s titled  PROVOKED.   Clearly, $3,500 is a paltry amount to raise for any Independent film, but I take note at the almost throw-away line of “mostly for craft services”.

Personally, I think they should go in a different direction:  a comedy.   Barring that, they should seriously consider hiring Tim Weisberg,  Matt Moniz, and Matt Costa of Spooky Southcoast.   These gentlemen are long-standing, credible paranormal investigators whose consulting services would lend a certain cache to the production that is seemingly lacking.


I’m reminded of another Kickstarter fund-raiser – you’ll recall here where a $5,000 donation got you “dinner with the editor”.    <nyack, nyack>


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