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Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny in Talks for Lizzie Borden Feature Film


It’s been 40 years since those of us old enough to remember the first broadcast of Paramount’s Made-for- TV movie, The Legend of Lizzie Borden starring Elizabeth Montgomery.  Ever since, we’ve been waiting for another feature length, theatrical release.   Recently, there was a fluttering of hopeful excitement concerning the prospect of an Indie film, Defending Lizzie, based on Karen Poulsen’s play – but that project is now on hold pending funding.

As of yesterday we have learned that there are “talks” and “negotiations” of a possible feature length film.  Let the speculative salivating begin.   You can read about it  HERE.   

But you can track the rapid fire news releases HERE, being sure to click “News” on the menu bar for all the latest reportings.

It is already getting funny. The script hasn’t even been written but the speculations are running amuck. This bit has Lizzie and Bridget being lovers- a plot line surely to draw the male audience demographic of 13 to 90. (snort, chuckle, snort).  I can see the promos now.



Like amoeba, the trending multiples begin and, like the whisper game, each reporting has a new smattering of embellishments, twists, misinformation and well….it’s a phriggin’ circus is what it is.

I say it’s best to keep your drool inside your mouth until the project has at least been green-lighted or contracts written.  It is one thing to be in negotiations or talks about a project and quite another for that project to be in pre-production.  I’ll keep a dry mouth until the latter commences.

Meanwhile, let’s ponder Chloe playing a modern day Lizzie…...


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On April 2, three days before the Lizzie Borden Chronicles aired, I posted this on my Facebook “Lizzie Borden Chat Page”:

“The Lizzie Borden Chronicles is the new Sharknado. It will have as much to do with the post Trial life of Lizzie Borden as Sharknado has to do with marine biology. Yet their common denominator is ratings. And high ratings create sequels. They are both comedic, tongue in cheek, fraught with blood and guts and appeal to those that favor this genre.


“I concede the Chronicles may have a little entertainment edge because of its campy soundtrack and the sexual component of Christina Ricci’s portrayal of the much maligned Lizzie Borden. I plan to watch it, not only to credibly critique afterwards but hope to see Ricci fly through the air above Fall River, chain saw in hand, slicing off the bell towers of all those long abandoned mills– with Nine Inch Nails playing in the background of course. It could happen.”


I didn’t get around to watching it until late Monday afternoon, and posting a Review has not been a priority in my life.  Even when Deborah Allard-Dion, resident writer of all things Lizzie for the Fall River Herald, contacted me for what I thought I could not bring myself to respond right away.  However, I now post my impressions.

Nielson ratings showed it to garner only 1.1 million viewers – pretty much at the bottom of the heep for the week’s ratings of shows ending on that Sunday night.

The first two episodes were sent out to TV critics to review and after last Sunday’s (April 5, 2015) airing of the first episode, the general consensus is that it should get the axe.  The Hollywood Reporter calls it “unexceptional trash”.

Introducing real name characters who died prior to the 1892 murders (William Almy) and yet are resurrected as some avaristic business partner who “wants it all”.  So far fetched I moaned out loud “Kill me quick, Bill.”

I didn’t expect Christina to play the role of Lizzie Borden with the nuances of a Meryl Streep but I also did not expect her to go so far off the rails.  It was like Anna Nichol Smith’s stupor meets Baby Jane Hudson’s vengeance. Her portrayal reminded of Dorothy Parker’s famous one-liner review of Tallulah Bankhead, “Her acting ran the gamut of A to B.” 

We can at least feel sorry for the real life Anna Nichol Smith and the fictional Baby Jane.  We can even find a way to rationalize T.V. “Dexter’s” acts has having some social redemption.  But with Ricci’s Lizzie?  Not so much.  She plays her as  totally self-serving for the sake of self preservation.  Not an attractive quality we  want to see in our Villains.

And the music?   More appropriate would have been Miley Cyrus’ “I came in like a Wrecking Ball”.   What?  No money budgeted for Billboard Top 100 royalties? Seems the budget was blown on costumes, that big orange house (supposedly “Mapelcroft”) and all the TV promos to generate excitement for the first episode.

Casting name/face actors, i.e., Jonathan Banks fresh off Breaking Bad and appearing regularly on Better Call Saul, is just a ploy to get people to watch.  He’s probably gonna be killed before Episode 3.

There was no rhythm or pace to sustain any suspense or intrigue – more like Scattershot and Soundblaster, symbolically making our eyes and ears bleed.

I doubt it will make much of an impact on driving tourism to Fall River or the B&B certainly not like the notoriety of ghost-hunting and paranormal investigations shows have done in the past. Had they used Fall River backgrounds/locations or even 92 Second Street exteriors as POV’s it would have enticed viewers and resonated because it would be showing the actual location. People like to visit places, occupy the same space in a different time, where actual history or something infamous took place.  They like to ooooh and awww and be simultaneously thrilled and reflective about being there.  But I imagine there may be people going up and down Second Street in Fall River looking for a blue and white house. or driving up and down French Street looking for an orange mansion.

Richard Behrens, author of the smartly written series Lizzie Borden Girl Detective, commented about thegIRL dETECTIVE program with this added post script:  “P.S. You are trying to tell me that the police searched the Borden house and didn’t find the dead baby in the basement? And when they searched the barn looking for Billy Borden, they didn’t climb up the ladder to the second floor? There were gaps in the plot logic you could park your car in.”

The Serious Issue of Why I’m So Against This Series

The primary reason I dislike this series is not so much for its lack or even a feeble attempt at any historical accuracy whatsoever, but the irreputable harm the Lifetime Channel has already done to the factual Lizzie Borden.  Now another new generation who Tweet more than they read believe the characterization of Lizzie Borden – to a considerable extent anyway – as is portrayed.

All those goofy legends and misinformation have been further imbedded in the uneducated viewing public’s mind. As Michael Martins said, the FRHS will be further challenged in correcting the misconceptions and false perceptions of the case – as will the staff at the B&B. As to the LB Chronicles as entertainment value – I enjoyed Sharknado more. As to any artistic quality of the series, I think American Horror Story and Bates Motel do a better job.

Lizzie has long been portrayed as a one dimensional psycho sociopath wielding a bloody axe.  She has been cemented in the minds of the general public via that inaccurate quatrain; she has been depicted in hundreds of online images so far removed from the actual Lizzie when there is an abundance of easily accessible sources from which to learn the truth about this woman.  Lifetime Movie Channel and the Lizzie Borden Chronicles can only add fodder to further regurgitations of gross misiniformation.

I want people to know the real Lizzie Borden and the best book on that subject is the Fall River Historical Society’s Parallel Lives – A Social History of Lizzie A. Borden and Her Fall River.

I want the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum to stay in business, not just because its the best bang for the buck of any B&B, but because people can occupy the same space where Lizzie lived and reflect upon how her life at the time she lived there.  The furniture and fixtures are immaculately maintained and so closely resemble how the rooms were in Lizzie’s time that it invites your imagination to transport yourself to that era.

I would love for people to explore the Fall River Historical Society about the world Lizzie lived in and her town’s history.  They have the world’s largest collection of Lizzie Borden related material, including objects of evidence presented at her Trial. The  staff will now have to exert an even greater effort in correcting all the “wrongs” shown in the Lizzie Borden Chronicles to all those that call and visit with their questions based on what they’ve seen in the series.

On Sunday evening last, same day the Chronicles aired, person(s) unknown defaced the Andrew J. Borden monument.  While understandable outrage has been expressed, no one has remarked on the subliminal symmetry represented here.  By that I mean here you have a grotesque “artistic” expression plastered over the “Borden family”.  The same could be said for the series, in my opinion.


Below is the monument a few days after the story broke in the Fall River Herald News. ” Blast Off Surface Restoration, a Fall River company that specializes in coating removal, including headstone cleaning.  Company owner Jeremy Larkin cleaned up the Borden monument at no cost to Oak Grove Cemetery” reported Deborah Allard Dion..


If this were a forgiving review I would like to think of the cleaning of the monument as further symbolism — sort of  like wiping the slate clean of a dismal Episode 1, giving us hope for Episode 2..    Not likely.  Not very likely at all.


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Much Out of Whack With The Lizzie Borden Chronicles


Get a jar and label it “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles – Things That Could Not Have POSSIBLY Happened After Her Trial.” The first nugget to put in that jar is illustrated above from my Historic Timeline book.  The fact William Almy portrayed by John Heard in tonight’s airing of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (I live on the Pacific Coast so it hasn’t been broadcast yet) died in 1885, Lizzie could NOT HAVE POSSIBLY had any relations, business or otherwise, with him in her post-Trial life.  That’s just for starters.  When historical fiction touted as “what could have happened” transcends all possibilities of actually happening it not only trips the light fantastic it fantastically falls on its face.

I expect this series to be campy, cheesy, titillating, musically creative, fraught with gross misinformation, and absolutely nothing to do with Lizzie Borden at ANY point of her life.

It’s traditional for production companies and networks to give out copies of early episodes to TV critics so they can get a jump on writing their reviews.  This has been done in the case of the LBC and critics are repeatedly using phrases such as “female serial killer”, “crazed murderess”, “axe murderess” and the like.  The common thread of many of the reviews is the transparency that the writers themselves know very little of the case.  Worse yet, they write with a false knowledge of previous misinformation that they regurgitate as fact.  I have found only one review with any merit and that is Caitlin Gallager’s piece posted today.  It SHOULD BE READ and can be read HERE.

For those viewers who have Googled Lizzie Borden or The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and landed on this blog, I’m going to post excerpts from my Timeline blog book to help put things in focus.   It was created to provide significant events in Lizzie’s life, but also the history of Fall River and significant events regionally, nationally and world wide.  It is within this focus we get a good view of what was happening in the town and in the world in which she lived. As you watch The Sharknado Chronicles, excuse me – the Lizzie Borden Chronicles – keep in mind what could NOT possibly have happened.

I still maintain the series should have been called The Lizzie Schwartz Chronicles, but who ever heard that inaccurate quatrain “Lizzie Scwartz took an axe….”  Hence, Lifetime’s pimping out of Lizzie Borden. DSCN4561DSCN4546 DSCN4551 DSCN4553DSCN4554 DSCN4559


The above is nearly 200 pages and loaded with essays and blog posts mostly based on historical fact and a generous serving of my special brand of humor.  Available at the Fall River Historical Society Gift Shop. I’ll have more nuggets after I have a chance to view the first episode myself – but after Mad Men.   But hey, I’m confident you’re gonna need a bigger jar.  😉


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Swansea Cousin Confirms Lizzie Borden Was “Odd”

In my FIVE DECADES of researching the Borden case, Fall River, the Gardners of Swansea, etc. etc. etc. I have never, ever come across validation of this rumor. Now it is confirmed….Lizzie Borden really was an odd duck.


I suspect Christina Ricci’s portrayal of Lizzie Borden will be prolific in such manners of behavior as illustrated in the above article – not to mention somewhat validated by the video clip of the Lizzie Borden Chronicles shown below.


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New! Lizzie Borden Chat Page on Facebook


Check this out.  Lively discussion on the photo of Andrew Borden on the sofa and preliminary autopsy.  Lizzie Andrew Borden Chat Page on Facebook.



And while we’re at it:   WHO WORE IT BEST?

ricciaxeChristina Ricci

Candy_Montgomery_ax_murdererCandace Montgomery

lizaxe                                                      Elizabeth Montgomery


To Haunt or Not to Haunt – The Lizzie Borden B&B

(Originally posted October 6, 2011 – See related posts at bottom).

The reputation of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum being haunted has escalated over the years due to its exposure from the many television  paranormal “entertainment” shows.  Unlike the made-for-t.v.documentaries that focus on Lizzie herself, the town of Fall River, her sister Emma and Uncle John, these ghostly presentations are served up in abundance.

Spin-off and copy cat shows recycle, repackage and replicate attempting to satisfy the masses who can’t seem to get enough.  The popular Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures are only two of the many paranormal/investigative sub genre.  But let us not forget these programs are pure theater  They ARE entertainment.  They ARE produced, programmed and broadcast by companies that are in business – and the purpose of ANY business is to make a profit. Some productions are better than others, but most are like Howdy Doody on steroids.

Before the crush of competitive paranormal and ghost hunting shows there were the lesser known features.  This early one, featuring my long time friend Martha McGinn is one I particularly like because it has many of the original employees of the B&B.  Eleanor Thibault, who tells of the “smoke” holds the distinction of having the record for the longest, continuous employee.  She is the wife of Ed Thibault who has been featured in so many documentaries playing Andrew Borden.

So now we have autumn and the Halloween season upon us.  Expect to see repackaged repeats of the haunted Lizzie Borden House.  Yech.  Is it haunted?  I don’t think so.  But if you sell it, they will come.  And they have; both production companies and those seeking the paranormal experience.

Oh, Lizzie.  You never really liked that house, but you wouldn’t believe it now.

Happy Halloween, darlin’.  And try not to let those treading footfalls around your headstone disturb you too much.  Pretend it’s Princess Summerfallwinterspring come to play Magda.  Or maybe it’s just Clarabell the Clown – wearing a hockey mask.

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Lizzie Borden Chronicles – “History Be Damned”


When the Lifetime Movie Channel aired “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe” they had no idea the ratings would come in at 4.4 million viewers.  That’s more than 3 times the viewership usually received on their formulated stories.  Naturally, this sent the suits scurrying to turn it into a series which was going to be called “The Fall River Chronicles.”

I commented at the time there was so much more to Fall River’s history than just the Lizzie Borden story and it would be wonderful if they addressed that history, i.e, the mills and mill workers down in the slums contrasted by the mill owners, bankers and the like residing up on “the Hill”.  A history rich in stories of the founding families who, for nearly 200 years, controlled Fall River and its “golden era” (the 1870’s) when cotton was King and Fall River was the Kingdom. But nooooooooooo.  They opted to appeal to the prurient interests of knuckle-draggers as well as the mass audience that loves their true crime with lots of blood and gore.  Alas, ratings equal sponsors and sponsors equal money and as with all things, it’s always about the money.

facesThe collage above illustrates all the principle characters in the Borden case.  They all have intriguing stories in and of themselves.  Indeed, there are so many story lines to be told for each of those principles that it would could fill 8 seasons of programming let alone 8 episodes.  However, the way in which the “Lizzie Borden Chronicles” is being dramatized  by Lifetime they might as well call it the “Lizzie Schwartz Chronicles”.  There will barely be a thread of resemblance to Lizzie herself in the way she looked and lived, let alone the people who were a part of her life.  Instead, we shall see a psychopathic serial killer with wanton sexual desires played out against a threadbare tapestry of Victorian customs and costumes.  Arrggghh.

Lifetime has committed to 8 episodes now and admits this series is not fact-based.  Click HERE    For some short videos neatly assembled and with their playing time, and with a few interviews I had not seen before, Click Lizzie Borden’s Christina Ricci Talks ‘Satisfying,’ Expanded Round”  on this same page.

Also, IMDB critic review already sees it for what it is – and “history be damned”.

I supposed there are many out there who knew from the get-go (as I did) that this series was going to be (and will be) crap.  Don’t look for anything remotely like the truth or historical accuracy here.  Accept it as your usual low brow television programming.

“Same World, Different Beast”

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