Lizzie Borden and the Month of June

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

(Originally created and posted June 1, 2009 without images)

Partial extracts from my historic timeline for the month of June follows.    It helps one gain a perspective on what influenced Lizzie Borden and the world she lived in.   Well, sort of.  One can also watch old films like Pollyanna to get a peek into the mores, customs, societal hierachy of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Speaking of Pollyanna, I watched it the other day and was particularly struck by its accurate depiction of the power the founding families had within their communities, including the Church.  Just as Polly Harrington (Jane Wyman)  dictated what her church minister (Karl Malden) would trumpet from the pulpit, made me wonder if the Bordens and Durfees influenced what their ministers would speak on for the Sunday sermons at the Central Congregational Church.

June 20, 1635John Borden, wife, and two children set sail for America.

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Meet the New Owner of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum

Welcome to Lance Zaal - Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Veteran

UPDATE (4/20/21): A seemingly valid “rumor” has come to me that Mr. Zaal has not been able to secure a sufficient number of investors to actually purchase The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum under the current “Agreement Contract”. Other attempts, though comparatively quiet, have also failed to obtain more properties to add content for his ghost hunting experience enterprise, so says my rather reliable source. We shall see. OTOH, my personal opinion as to his statements to the media as to its future use: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Assuming escrow closes without a hitch, meet the new owner, Lance Zaal, who definitely appears to be an Alpha male. He has something in common with Donald Woods, owner of the LBB&B Museum since 2004, both are Ex-Marines!

From reading his background it would appear the “ghost hunting” (i.e., paranormal investigations) will continue if not taken to a dynamic and expanded level. A new era has begun for this tourist destination – be it in person or virtual.

I wish him much success ensuring Bordenia enthusiasts who trek to Mecca will continue to reap the thrill of being “in the same place at a different time” where one of America’s truly great unsolved crimes occurred.

You go, guy!

More detail on Lance can be found on his Linked-in page HERE.

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The Skulls of Andrew & Abby Borden

I’ve always concurred with Dr. Dolan’s opinion as to who did the crime.

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

DrDolanPhoto Dr. William Andrew Dolan

The autopsies of Lizzie Borden’s father and stepmother were conducted one week after the murders – August 11, 1892, in the “ladies waiting room” at Oak Grove Cemetery.  It is the structure to the left in this picture postcard below.


Here is a more contemporary view:oakgrovevault1The little building is now used to house gardening tools and supplies and also serves as a break room for the grounds-keepers.


Upon the instruction of District Attorney Hosea Knowlton, the heads of Andrew and Abby were severed and taken home by Dr. Dolan.    They were unceremoniously boiled of their flesh on his kitchen stove (much to the fright of his two young sons), and maintained in his home until presented in court at the Preliminary Hearing.   The sisters were not informed, nor the media – one of the better kept secrets of the prosecution’s case. 

Below is the link…

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Like it or Not – Fall River is Synonymous with Lizzie Borden

Originally posted February 23, 2010 but worthy of re-blogging. A lot has happened in the past decade, however, Fall River remains pretty much the same.

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

Fall River remains one of those cities best viewed from a distance.  Up close her blemishes neither beckon nor embrace.  Lizzie Borden, on the other hand, forever beckons, blemishes and all.

From a historical perspective, Fall River is as associated with Lizzie Borden as Dallas is to the JFK assassination. Both horrific and shocking events, both forever embedded in American history.

The Lizzie Borden story is not just about a 32 year old spinster who wielded a hatchet, (let me repeat that – HATCHET) on a highly humid August 4th day, but is a case about class structure in a stratified society with the poor deferring to the power and control of the founding families.  It is the incredulity of the circumstances of such a heinous crime in broad daylight with suspicion of a Borden – and the younger daughter at that – which gives this Victorian patricide its…

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The Great Consumer Vortex

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden


Realizing I left two people out when I thought I had purchased for everyone, I readied myself for the onslaught and ventured into the The Great Consumer Vortex. After circling the Target parking lot for 9 rotations, I found a spot. I lingered and waited, like a hawk citing roadkill. When my front and his rear bumpers cleared, I claimed my space. While only 80 feet from the door, dodging sedans, SUV’s, pickups, skateboards, shopping carts, scooters, and random, racing toddlers, I crossed the Target threshold after 29 life-inhibiting minutes.

What to buy?, what to buy?.  I felt like a laptop reboot succumbing to the season: : “Let it load, let it load, let it load”. All cashier aisles were open, narry a small line amongst them. Ohhhhh    Mmmmmmm    Geeeee. I’ll be here all phuckin’ day. “What would Al Swearingin do?”, was my self-querry (I’ve been DVD-ing Deadwood of late)…

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Lizzie Borden CD’s – Unique – Christina Ricci could have used these. ;()

Christmas gift?

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

I have copies of these for sale – $15.00 each, plus postage.  Email me at



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THREADS THAT BIND – Fall River’s Lizzie Borden

For over 35 years I spoke before womens’ groups, genealogical societies, literary groups, etc. presenting the story of Fall River’s Lizzie Borden.  What began as straight up oral lectures  evolved into multi-media presentations.  Looking over old CD’s, I chose to post this one here because it is an entertaining and simple foundation for the genesis of Fall River and its founding families.  It is also a good introduction to the Andrew Borden family, the murders, the investigation, and post Trial life of our enigmatic Lizzie without being overwhelmingly comprehensive.

I think this a new Lizzie diversion to help absorb time otherwise spent sucked into the white noise abyss of Biden vs. Trump.  Just click one slide at a time and let the journey begin.

Click HERE




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Ric Rebelo’s new film on Lizzie Borden

Re-blogged on October 16, 2020.

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

Lizbeth:  A Victorian Nightmare

Ric Rebelo’s film on Lizzie Borden Lizbeth: A Victorian Nightmare, was created as his master’s thesis project and was over two years in the making.   It will also be showing at theRhode Island International Horror Festival, Providence, RI, 2:00 pm, Sunday, October 24.  It will premiere on  television as a regional broadcast by Rhode Island PBS on October 30 and 31 at 7:00 pm.

For those that don’t live in the New England area within the broadcast range and wish to see Lizzie experts Jules Rychebusch, Kenneth Souza, Stefani Koorey, Shelley Dziedzic, actress Jill Dalton and Lee-ann Wilber, you can visit the website  and purchase your copy of the DVD for only $20.00 by clicking HERE.

The DVD has a “special bonus feature” which is part of the interview I did with Mr. Rebelo for this film back in November of…

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A Beautiful Private Home – aka Maplecroft

Here’s another piece on Maplecroft being for sale.  This one is from Boston Magazine and has some very beautiful new photos of the interior.  Learn a little more from this article with a slant (and re-arranged furniture) to emphasize its potential as a private home.

Click HERE.

And even more HERE.


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Stefani Koorey Already Campaigning for Mayor of Fall River

Victoria Lincoln wrote in her book, A Private Disgrace – Lizzie Borden by Daylight, that Lizzie wanted acknowledgement, did not want to be overlooked.  I was reminded of this when a friend sent me a cut and paste of the following posts made by Stefani Koorey on her Facebook page.  Stefani ran for Mayor of Fall River in January of 2011 and all these years later I am learning of the profound effect my blog post had on her.  I never intended for her to lose the spotlight of a press release and be overlooked.  I didn’t even know she was planning a press release.

Boston mayor Marty Walsh announced the candidacy of Michele Wu before she got a chance to. She called him as a courtesy to let him know and then this egomaniac took to the airwaves to announce it. I hope he loses next time.
When I ran for mayor, I had built a website, put together my platform, did all the backend work, then was going to announce it with a lovely press release and unveiling. A person who will remain nameless because she is the shittiest person I know took the opportunity to cyber stalk me, discover my plans, and make the announcement before I could.
People like that are weasels. Mean and ruthless. Horrible humans. Thanks for listening to my rant. Obviously, I am still not over it.
this announcement BELONGED TO ME. And it was taken from me.
Maybe she saved you from that life, as slimy as her move was.
no, it didn’t affect my campaign to others, just to me. I would have made a great mayor. I would have been the first woman in that office (they still have never had a female mayor), the first mayor from somewhere other than Fall River, and the one with the highest educational level. I was really into it. And you shouldn’t run to be a spoiler. You should always run to win. You have to ask people for money. And that was really the hardest part. I was not good at fundraising. I funded most of it myself.

UPDATE:  As of 7 am this morning, Stefani’s Mayoral campaign website has been taken down, i.e., “Service Unavailable.”  She must have seen this blog (I see her IP everyday checking it) and wasn’t ready to announce yet.  But her Linekin site is HERE. I guess she isn’t quite ready for the Big Announcement.  Too late, she’s already outed.  😉


Well it comes as no surprise to me that Stefani Koorey is running for Mayor of Fall River because I’ve long suspected this was the hidden agenda of Ms. Koorey and why she strived to get her name in the local papers so much.

Already sounding like a slick politician who knows how to spin a negative into a positive, she’s created a website which allows you to donate to her campaign.   Please do as her in this race during 2011 will provide more amusement and entertainment than American Idol and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.   The so called “Committee” is not revealed on any of the pages of this website.  So much for transparency.  Sort of like her not producing The Hatchet in over a year.  Promises, promises.  Oh well.

This is gonna be a hoot, kids!

Read my comment to the Fall River Herald News who wrote about possibly early candidates but Stef’s name was not in there.  I suspect she will have a big theatrical production to announce her candidacy.   😉


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2 responses to “Stefani Koorey Already Campaigning for Mayor of Fall River

  1. Dillon

    January 12, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    I live in Fall River and most of the people I know think this Koorey woman is a kook. For the three yrs she’s lived here her activism and volunteer work has been a strategy to secure the mayor’s position. She is all about “koorey”. What taxes has she paid? What job does she have? How does she support herself? And she wants to tell US how to live and wants to run OUR city the way she THINKS it should be run?? Watch out Fall River!

  2. Fiz

    January 17, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    Poor Fall River!

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The Curious Life and Death of Lizzie Borden

A new documentary. Filled with the usual misinformation. Partially filmed inside Maplecroft. Airs on the Smithsonian Channel tonight, September 6, 2020, but you can see full episode HERE without commercials. (Take note the image they used of Uncle John V. Morse is NOT the one Cara Robertson used in her book, even though she is in the episode talking as an expert.)



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INSIDE MAPLECROFT – Brand New 3D Virtual Tour

The doors are open – step inside and explore in 3D, “Maplecroft”,  Lizzie’s third and final home ( a home she lived in the entire second half of her life)  is now ready for serious buyers. And the prime selling agency is Century 21, the country’s #1 realtor. The listing agent, Suzanne St. John of  The Seyboth Team at Century 21 represents the Seller (Donald Woods) and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Now  here’s what I think would be sweet symmetry:  That the agent for the ultimate Buyer would be Deborah Allard Dion, herself a realtor with a different company. It was not too long ago Ms Dion was the go-to Fall River Herald News Reporter for all things Lizzie. Where there was a Lizzie Borden headline, the byline was almost always Deborah’s.  The next new headline story, “Maplecroft Sold Again”, is yet to be written.

Meanwhile, kick back, take this virtual tour, pause where you want, proceed when you want, think of Lizzie living there – – better yet, think of YOU living there. 🙂



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This blog post ended up having five different posts, I thru V.

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden


UPDATE: “ALONE” ARTIST IDENTIFIEDMy stepbrother (who was so cool to give me a brand new Garmin GPS tracker for Christmas) was looking over my blog today and came across this entry and said: “Hey! I know that artist!” Well it turns out its Herman Alfred Leonard Wahlberg, a Swedish artist born in Stockholm February 13, 1834 and died October 4, 1906.   Nordic landscape painting was popular during those years, and this Swedish landscape is typical of the Dusseldorf version of wilderness paintings. Known as just “Alfred Wahlberg” you can see a picture of himhere

(Original post follows):There are numerous known and unknown people all over Fall River and environs who have “stuff” that belonged to Lizzie. On my last visit while shopping at…

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The Daylight Robbery – Something New Revealed

On this date, August 4, 2020, the 128th anniversary of the Borden murders, the Fall River Historical Society has posted something new on the case on their Facebook Page. It is a stunning revelation that puts a different light on who was in the house doing what when it happened. You can read it all


If you cannot access Facebook, here it is in it’s entirety.

The Daylight Robbery As Recalled By Emma L. Borden:

In recognition of the 128th Anniversary of the Borden murders, the FRHS is releasing this interesting tidbit of new information … the story continues to get curiouser and curiouser!

In 2011, two red leather notebooks were bequeathed to the FRHS; the volumes are extremely fragile. The first is a journal of defense team notes, with excerpts culled from interviews with various individuals conducted in 1892, recorded in preparation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Lizzie A. Borden. The second is a collection of newspaper clippings, marked in ink with cross-references to the journal.

Time-consuming research and transcription in preparation for publication by the FRHS is ongoing.

The volumes descended in the family of Andrew Jackson Jennings (1849-1923) a prominent Fall River attorney and a member of the defense team for Lizzie Andrew Borden (1860-1927). Following Jennings’ death, they passed to his daughter, Mrs. Marion (Jennings) Waring (1887-1973), and then to her son, Edward Saunders Waring (1924-2011), who bequeathed them to the FRHS.

Following is an interview with Emma Leonora Borden (1851-1927) regarding a burglary that occurred at the Borden house on June 24, 1891. The text has been slightly edited for readability, as indicated in square brackets.

The Burglary at Borden House –

“$75 or 80 in money [and] some horse car tickets [was] the only thing of fathers [that was stolen,] – though his desk was ransacked. Good watch & chain, breast pin & earrings [of] plain Roman gold, no stones, shawl pin with ball at each end, & some other little things [that belonged to Mrs. Borden].

[The] first I knew of it I was sitting in front room. Heard father knock on door of my [bed]room – now Lizzies – he called me. I unlocked [the] door & went in – everything was thrown about. He said he found [the] door to hall open & [a] nail in [the] lock. Put it in hands of officers – asked us to say nothing about it. We talked about it.

[I] remembered we were all shelling peas in [the] dining room in [the] morning, L[Izzie] & father & [my]self, with dining room [doors] shut.

Officer took up piece of chain [and] showed [it] to Mrs. B[orden, and she] said it did not look like hers.”

Why is this important?

The “daylight robbery” at the Borden house was brought up at the trial of Lizzie Borden as an example of an event where someone snuck into the home and left without anyone in the family, or neighborhood, knowing about it. Such a situation might work to Lizzie’s advantage as she claimed innocent of the charges and if true, someone came into the house that day and murdered two people without notice.

The report filed by Captain Dennis Desmond Jr. (1854-1926) and relayed to District Attorney Hosea Morrill Knowlton (1847-1902) in preparation for the trial relates details of this incident (The Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Lizzie A Borden: The Knowlton Papers, 1892-1892, Fall River Historical Society, 1994, page 74-75, see below). This document is a bit at odds with Emma’s statement to Attorney Jennings above. Additionally, it is believed by some that Andrew and Abby had been at the farm in Swansea that day and only discovered the burglary upon their return home. Emma’s recollection differs in this regard, which could very well lead us to a different context for this crime, occurring the year before the murders.

Interesting? We think so.

Captain Desmond’s report.
The following is transcribed from the original document and has not been edited.

On or about the 24 of June 1891 I was called into City Marshal’s office. Marshal Hilliard said “Mr Desmond, Mr Borden says his house has been robbed. You go with him, and see what there is to it.” Mr Borden and myself left the office and went direct to Mr Borden’s house Second St. I found there Mrs Borden, Emma Borden Lizzie Borden & Bridget Sullivan.

On the 2nd floor in a small room on north side of house I found Mr Borden’s desk. It had been broken open. Mr Borden said “$80.00 in money with 25 to 30 dollars in gold, and a large number of H,car tickets had been taken. The tickets bore name or signature of Frank Brightman.” Brightman was a former treasurer of Globe St. railroad co. Mrs. Borden said “her gold watch & chain, ladies chain, with slide & tassel attached, some other small trinkets of jewelry, and a red Russia leather pocket-book containing a lock of hair had been taken. I prize the watch very much, and I wish & hope that you can get it; but I have a feeling that you never will.” Nothing but the property of Mr & Mrs Borden reported as missing.

The family was at a loss to see how any person could get in, and out without somebody seeing them. Lizzie Borden said “the cellar door was open, and someone might have come in that way.” I visited all the adjoining houses, including the Mrs Churchills house on the north, Dr Kelly’s house on the south, Dr Gibbs house & Dr Chagnon’s house on the east, who might have seen someone going, or coming from Mr Borden’s house; but I failed to find any trace.

I did get a 6 or 8 penny nail which “Lizzie Borden said she found in the Key hole of the door,” leading to a sleeping room on 2nd floor, east end of building. So far as I know this robbery has never been solved.

P.S. Mr Borden told me three times withing two weeks after the robbery in these words “I am afraid the police will not be able to find the real thief.”

(Note: “Capt. Desmonde” and “Robbery Case” handwritten in lead and ink respectively on reverse side of document.)


Officer Desmond’s report is shown here in the FRHS “The Knowlton Papers”. Now, just pause and think about all the subsequent books stating “Andrew and Abby” were at the Borden farm in Swansea. Well, if Emma was telling the truth, Andrew was not in Swansea at all.

Andrew, Lizzie, and Emma sitting at the dining room table shucking peas. What an image. And that “knock, knock” by Andrew on the door leading from (then) Emma’s room to he and Abby’s room. Fraught with dramatic tension. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I were writing a whole new screenplay. I’ve expressed my gratitude to Michael Martins and Dennis Binette, curators of the Society, for making this gem public at this time.

Oh, the jewels they must salivate over in those private donor archives.


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Borden Murders: Comprehensive Timeline May 9, 1892 thru August 4, 1892

There won’t be the usual crime investigation re-enactments this year at 92 Second Street, due to Covid-19, but here’s a play-by-play re-posted.

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden


WS = Witness Statements (Fall River Police Dept.)

CI = Coroner’s Inquest (Second Distrct Court, Fall River)

PH = Preliminary Hearing (Second District Court, Fall River)

TT = Trial Testimony – Superior Court (New Bedford)

LR =  Lizzie Borden Past & Present (Len Rebello)

VV = Victorian Vistas – 3 Volumes (Philip T. Silvia, Jr.)

May 9-10, 1892Painting of Borden house begins by John W. Grouard; Lizzie selects “drab” color.                           (LR32)
May/June 1892Andrew kills pigeons roosting in the barn.  Morse visits end of June.
June 30, 1892Morse spent 1 day at Borden’s; takes Butcher Davis daughter &Emma for ride.                      JohnMorse-older          (CI 96)
July 10, 1892Morse again visits Bordens.  AJB asks Morse if  he knows of manto run Swansea farm.                  (CI 96)
July 11, 1892Union laborers in Fall River celebrate new 58-hour workweek with giant parade.
July 18, 1892Emma and Lizzie deed back house on…

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What Pushed Lizzie Over the Edge?

Re-blogged from March 20, 2010  (Must read original post)

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

I’m sorting over some old journals, photos, and newspaper articles about the Gardners of Swansea and Touisset, MA., which have recently come into my possession. These include events that Emma Borden attended after separating from Lizzie in 1906. I’ll be posting about a particular one that illustrates Emma was not so much the recluse thought to have been.

Swansea was an important part of Lizzie & Emma’s lives, not the least of which involved – give or take – the following (recycled from an earlier post):

Most scholars on the Lizzie Borden case believe she was guilty and that money was the motive. But why were the murders done in broad daylight on the very next morning after an unexpected visit from John Morse?

District Attorney Hosea Knowlton was quoted after the Trial as saying if he knew what Andrew Borden and John Morse (uncle to Lizzie and Emma) discussed…

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Script Excerpt: Post Burial Remembrance

From 2007 – Reblogged

Tattered Fabric: Fall River's Lizzie Borden

>Here’s an excerpt from one of two scripts I’ve written on the Lizzie Borden case. I scheduled some automatic launches of blog entries during my Italy trip and this will be the first. And they aren’t all from the script….watch for letters in my collection from Bordens.


The Court herewith orders that you be discharged of this indictment and go thereof without day.




We see Lizzie and Emma looking at the new 10-foot high monument they have recently had placed across from the graves of their father, mother, baby Alice, and Abby. The monument is carved with all their names, dates of birth, dates of death.


Promise me Lizzie that … when the time comes…you will not have me buried next to Abby. Promise me that you will…

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Lizzie Borden “Murder Most Foul” Podcasts by James Sutanowski


James Sutanowski, in his recent Murder Most Foul podcasts, interviewed Fall River Historical Society Curator, Michael Martins, and Assistant Curator Dennis Binette.   Listening closely, even I gleamed tidbits of new information, particularly about these three women:







Ricca Allen            Nance O’Neill           Hannah B. Nelson

These are excellent and informative interviews by the foremost experts on Lizzie and her Fall River.  Truly.  And I cannot recommend those wanting to know more about the REAL Lizzie Borden to listen to both these podcasts.

Part I

Part II

                                      Michael Martins, Dennis Binette and moi

Parallel Lives – A Social History of Lizzie A. Borden and Her Fall River, edited by Michael Martins and Dennis Binette, curators of the Fall River Historical Society.  I wrote a comprehensive Amazon Review and did a cut and paste HERE.

This book sells on Amazon from a low of $225 to a high of $900+, but one can still purchase it through the FRHS Gift Shop for its original price of $49.99.  A bargain, let alone an investment.   If you could have only one book about Lizzie Borden, this would be it.

So take some time away to improve your knowledge about this heretofore most enigmatic woman.


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Lizzie Borden and the Month of June

(Originally created and posted June 1, 2009 without images)

Partial extracts from my historic timeline for the month of June follows.    It helps one gain a perspective on what influenced Lizzie Borden and the world she lived in.   Well, sort of.  One can also watch old films like Pollyanna to get a peek into the mores, customs, societal hierachy of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Speaking of Pollyanna, I watched it the other day and was particularly struck by its accurate depiction of the power the founding families had within their communities, including the Church.  Just as Polly Harrington (Jane Wyman)  dictated what her church minister (Karl Malden) would trumpet from the pulpit, made me wonder if the Bordens and Durfees influenced what their ministers would speak on for the Sunday sermons at the Central Congregational Church.

June 20, 1635 John Borden, wife, and two children set sail for America.
June 9, 1772 First naval battle of the Revolutionary War, British customs schooner Gaspee is burned off Rhode Island.
June 17, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill in Boston.
June 18, 1804 Name of “Fallriver” changed to “Troy”
June 2, 1832 Caleb Blodgett (later Judge at Borden Trial) is born in Dorchester, New Hampshire.
June 12, 1836 Justin Dewey, later Judge at Borden Trial, is born.
June 26, 1838 Mary Augusta Demarest is born in NYC; later writes “My Ain Countrie”.
June 9, 1861 John W. Coughlin born; later three-term Mayor of Fall River.
June 19, 1863 Earl P. Charlton born in Chester, Conn.  (Later becomes richest man in Fall River).
June 9, 1863 Ricca Allen is born in Canada, later friend of Nance O’Neil MV5BYzQ2ZTNmYjMtNDdlYS00NDRjLWEyMDItYmEwZmQ5YzY5YzliXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzI5NDcxNzI@._V1_and Lizzie Borden.
June 6, 1865 Andrew Borden, 43, marries Abby Durfee Gray, 37, (43 days before Lizzie’s 5th birthday).  Emma is 16.
June 16, 1867 Helen Leighton born in Millbridge, Maine.
June 28, 1870 Jerome C. Borden marries Emma Tetlow. (Did 10 yr old Lizzie go to wedding?)
June 19, 1874 Andrew has running water installed in the Second Street house with service from city.
June 25, 1876 General Custer and entire regiment killed at “Battle of the Little Big Horn.”
June 29, 1876 Mill #2 of the American Linen Company, foot of Ferry St., suffered fire damage in the two upper stories.
June, 1879 Spinner’s strike, major summer long strike of mill workers.
June 11, 1885 William Almy dies in Fall River.
June 17, 1885 The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, arrives in the U.S.
June 2, 1886 President Grover Cleveland marries Frances Folsom in Blue Room of the White House.
June 15, 1887 Dedication of BMC Durfee High School. content William Lambert is first principal.
June 4, 1890 Lizzie signs her passport application for Grand Tour to Europe.
June 16, 1890 The first Madison Square Garden, designed by McKim, Mead & White, opens in New York City.
June 21, 1890 Lizzie sails on S.S. Scythia from Boston to Liverpool, England,a4d651cdc6715f48b87de1ebb407a453 embarking on 19 week long “Grand Tour”.
June 24, 1891 Daylight “robbery” at the Bordens.      (KP74)
May/June 1892 Andrew kills pigeons roosting in the barn.  Morse visits end of June.
June 30, 1892 Morse spends one day at Bordens; takes Butcher Davis’ daughter & Emma for a ride.            (CI 96)
June 1, 1893 Grace Hartley graduates from Fall River High School.      (FRHN 3/21/2004)
June 3, 1893 Jose Correiro arrested in Manchester case. (Jury is sequestered and does not learn of this arrest.)
June 3, 1893 Lizzie transfers to New Bedford Jail on Ash Street.
June 1893 Grace Hartley graduates from Fall River High School.      (FRHN 3/21/2004)
June 5, 1893Monday Court convened at 11:28 am.  111 questioned before the 12 jurymen are were selected.  Charles I. Richards chosen as jury Foreman.
June 6, 1893 Tuesday Indictment is read; William Moody opens for theMoodyRep Prosecution.  Lizzie faints and is revived.
June 6, 1893 Tuesday Civil Engr. Thomas Kieran called, gives measurements, testifies a man could have hid in front entry closet.
June 6, 1893 Tuesday Jurors travel to Fall River; visit Kelly’s house, Wade’s store, Crowe’s stone yard, Chagnon’s house, Kirby’s yard, Alice Russell’s house, Gorman’s store, Clegg’s store and banks.  Tour finished at 4:00 pm.
June 6, 1893Tuesday Jurors taken to Mellen House, Franklin & North Main Street where they spend the night.
June 7, 1893 Wednesday James A. Walsh, photographer testifies as to the accuracy of the pictures he had made of the victims and the house on the day of the killing.
June 7, 1893 Wednesday John Vinnicum Morse examination conducted by Moody, not different from that as in the Preliminary Hearing.  Lizzie 90519563_1052082498499115_2915583178171219968_nsmiled as her uncle tried to calculate her age and shook her head vigorously when he stated she was “33.”   (She was only 6 weeks shy of 33),
June 7, 1893 Wednesday Abraham G. Hart, Treasurer of Union Savings Bank, testifies as to Borden’s movements on morning of the 8/4.
June 7, 1893 Edwin Booth, brother of John Wilkes Booth, dies.  Had home in Middletown, RI.
June 9,  893Friday John Minnehan, patrolman assigned to follow John Morse on August 5, 1892, dies at age 48 in Fall River.
June 12, 1893 Monday Lizzie’s Inquest Testimony ruled
June 13, 1893 Tuesday AG Pillsbury arrives by train from Boston, consults with Knowlton & Moody & returns same evening.
June 14, 1893 Wednesday John T. Burrill, Cashier of  Union National Bank, Everett M. Cook, Cashier of the First National Bank, Jonathan Clegg, a hat dealer, Joseph Shortsleeves, a carpenter, and John Maher, a carpenter give testimony as to Andrew’s movements August 4th.
June 14, 1893 Judges ruling excludes Eli Bence’s prussic acid testimony .
June 14, 1893 At Knowlton’s request during Dr. Draper’s testimony, Dr. Dolan brings in the skulls of Andrew & Abby. Lizzie is allowed to retire from the courtroom.                                (TT1046)
June 14, 1893 Wednesday 9th Day: C. C. Potter’s son (Freddy) finds hatchet w/gilt on roof of Crowe’s barn.  Carpenter Carl McDonnel claims it is his hatchet; prussic acid testimony (Eli Bence) ruled inadmissible.
June 15, 1893 FR Evening News reports hatchet found on roof of John Crowe’s barn.                           ( FREN18)
June 15, 1893 Wednesday Opening statements by Defense are given by Andrew Jennings1webJennings.
June 16, 1893 Wednesday Emma Borden testifies.
June 16, 1893 Governor Robinson reads from Bridget’s Inquest Testimony (a missing document)                (TT)
June 17, 1893 Carpenter McDonald claims Crowe’s roof hatchet is his.   (FRHN)
June 18, 1893 Carrie Poole, Lizzie’s friend residing 20 Madison Street, New Bedford, dies.
June 19, 1893 Wednesday Governor Robinson gives closing arguments; Knowlton begins his closing.
June 20, 1893 3:24 pm 13th Day: The Jury retires to deliberate.
4:32 pm Lizzie Borden pronounced “Not Guilty” Lizzie_Borden_by_B.W._Clinedinst at 4:35 pm.                                         (TT1928)
8:15 pm Lizzie & Emma arrive by coach w/Mrs. Holmes at 67 Pine St. in FR; small reception follows.  Lizzie spends night there.  Large crowd gathered at 92 Second St.                             (CaseBook228)
June 22, 1893 Reupholstered sofa is delivered back to the house on Second Street.                                                                         (LR1111-112)
June 23, 1893 Lizzie visits the Wm. Covel’s in Newport, RI, has classic picture of her “standing behind the chair” taken.
June 23, 1893 Morse attempts to get mileage reimbursement from Iowa to New Bedford from Co. Treasurer.                                                (FRHN)
June 27, 1893 Lizzie & Emma go to Taunton to visit Sheriff Wright’s wife.
June 4, 1900 Mary Howe (Baker) is born, daughter of Grace and Louis Howe.
June 5, 1905 Newspaper article states Lizzie writing play for Nance O’Neil.                      (Spiering p208)
June 5, 1905 Boston Globe reports Emma moving out of “Maplecroft”.
June 21, 1905 Bridget Sullivan marries John M. Sullivan in Anaconda, MT.
June 2, 1906 Emma Borden departs on White Star liner RMS Cymric, departing from Boston for Queenstown & Liverpool, enroute to Scotland.
June 30, 1908 Lizzie writes to Asst. Supt R. I. Hospital re her maid Hannah B. Nelson.                   (Gateway Mag. Summer 1997)
June 15, 1909 Marshal Hilliard retires.
June 19, 1911 Opening Day of Fall River’s Cotton Centennialcontent
June 23, 1911 President Howard Taft arrives in Fall River for Cotton Centennial celebration.
June 10, 1912 Grisly axe murders of 2 adults and 6 children, all while they sleep, in Villisca, Iowa.
June 25, 1914 Animal Rescue League of Fall River established as a corporation (Later becomes Faxon Animal Rescue League).
June 29, 1914 Austrian Prince, Archduke Ferdinand shot by Serbian assassin, in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, leading to World War I.
June 28, 1915 Patrick Doherty (Captain, FRPD) dies in Fall River, Mass.
June 15, 1918 Lizzie and Emma sell 230 Second St. (changed from #92)  to John W. Dunn.              (LR557)
June 19, 1919 Naval Fighting Ship commissioned “Moody” launched. William H. Moody’s sister, Mary E. Moody, sponsored the ship.
June 22, 1922 Emma Borden signs the Codicil to her Will.
June 1, 1923 Leontine Lincoln dies. (Grandfather of Victoria Lincoln and a founder of Fall River Historical Society).
June 1, 1927 Lizzie Andrew Borden dies of heart failure at 8:30 pm at her home “Maplecroft” in (59 days short of her 67th birthday).
June 4, 1927 Nance O’Neil’s interviewpersonfull_1379450894 about Lizzie appears in New Bedford Standard.
June 7, 1927 Lizzie’s Will is filed in Taunton Probate Court.
June 10, 1927 Emma Borden dies in Newmarket, New Hampshire at age 76.
June 12, 1927 Helen Leighton interview saying Lizzie was bitterly unhappy, suffered from depression.                            ( FRHN)
June 13, 1927 Emma Borden is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.
June 30, 1927 Emma’s Will is filed in Taunton Probate Court.
June 3, 1939 Arthur Sherman Phillips writes to son of Defense Attorney Robinson asking to be forwarded Lizzie’sPhillipsweb answers to the questions he posed her back in 1892.
June 23-27, 1936 Grace Hartley Howe attends Democratic Nat’l Convention in Philadelphia as a Delegate At-large.
June 14, 1955 Grace Hartley Howe, Lizzie’s cousin and legatee, dies at the age of 80 in Fall River.         (FRHN)
June 1, 1961 Adelaide Churchill home destroyed by fire.              (LR44)
June 13, 1981 Author Victoria Lincoln Lowe dies at age 76.  Her body given to Science at John Hopkins University.6590319
June 22, 1994 Josephine Vohnoutka McGinn (wife of John) dies in Fall River.
June 1, 2001 Jules Ryckebusch retires from Bristol Community College and names Gabriela Schalow Adler Publisher of The Lizzie Borden Quarterly.
June 2, 2004 Robert Dube files for variance to convert garage to single family residence on Maplecroft property.
June 7, 2004 FR Herald News reports 92 Second Street purchased by Donald Woods of Portsmouth, RI.; says he will tear down “Leary Press”, increase parking & rebuild the barn.
June, 2008 Lizzie Borden Took an Axe, or Did She? – A Rhetorical Inquiry by Annette Holba is published.
June, 2008 Leonard Pickel announces he will open a Lizzie Borden Gift Shop & “Museum” in Salem, MA.

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